About Us

Parcel Motel is brought to you by Nightline, the largest Irish owned delivery service in Ireland.

Parcel Motel by Nightline is a new, bold and convenient way to simplify online shopping. Nightline has built a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy delivery company and has won numerous industry and customer awards for service and logistics excellence. Our experience, reputation and established network and infrastructure will ensure that your parcel delivery is in safe hands.

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Vision & values

Security, safety, accessibility, expertise, consistency – these are the things we care about most. These are the values we deliver. Always have, always will.

“Our Nightline Management Team constantly reviews what we do so we can continue to improve on world-leading standards and service quality. Even the best can get better.”

– John Tuohy, Co-Founder Nightline

As the largest Irish parcel carrier (by volume and share of the Irish market) Nightline is the most effective operating on the island of Ireland. With a fleet of over 450 vans, lorries and trucks, Nightline is right on your doorstep, no matter where in the country you are based. In the depths of recession, Nightline grew volumes by over 20% every year, and consistently achieve a measurable and verifiable 98%+ punctuality record. Nightline have developed a Courier Network to provide same-day deliveries to every corner of the country. The Nightline Group also works closely with a number of trade partners in the UK in order to ensure the best solutions for our customers throughout Ireland and the UK.


Innovative approaches lead Nightline into new arenas – creating services directly designed to meet emerging customer demands, with green-field thinking motivated by customer insights. Nightline listens to what is changing in your life; we learn, and we deliver. Nothing stands still, Nightline moves forward.

Smartship®, our in-house developed proprietary technology system, drives efficiencies. We allow customers track deliveries in real time. And as people buy more online, we introduced Parcel Motel® – a game changing new way for customers to manage their online shopping deliveries.

Learn more at www.nightline.ie

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