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Shop online. Then collect your purchases at a Parcel Motel near you, at a time that suits you. Parcel Motel is ideal for your busy lifestyle. Never miss a delivery again. When you’re ready, we’re open.

Our collection points are located in convenient places with 24/7 access, which means no more waiting around or missed delivery notices telling you to pick up your parcel during working hours.

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Avail of free or lower UK delivery costs

Parcel Motel offers you an innovative delivery solution enabling lower delivery costs when shopping with online retailers across the UK and Europe. With a Parcel Motel account you’ll be able to order a broad range of products not usually available to ROI addresses from websites such as Amazon — and you can avail of their free UK Super Saver Delivery!

All you have to pay is the Parcel Motel delivery charge and we will deliver your online purchases to your local Parcel Motel for collection.*

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*Parcel Motel is not responsible and cannot be held liable for any VAT obligations, compliance and liabilities for (online and distance) selling to customers in EU and in all European countries that operate a VAT regime.

How to collect a parcel


Step 1

Simply shop on any website and when asked for delivery details, enter your Parcel Motel ID and the preferred Parcel Motel virtual delivery address.


Step 2

Once your parcel is ready for collection, you will receive a text message with the Parcel Motel collection point location and a unique secure PIN number.


Step 3

Go to your Parcel Motel collection point. To release your parcel, simply key in your mobile phone number followed by the secure PIN number.

Collect within 48 hours

If your parcel stays at the Parcel Motel for longer than 48 hours, we’ll collect it and bring it back to the nearest Parcel Motel (Nightline) Depot. You will be notified and we will send your parcel back out to your chosen Parcel Motel.

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Oversized and overweight parcels

Please note: we charge by size and weight. The largest Parcel Motel locker size is 41 × 38 × 64 cm. The maximum weight is 10 kgs. If your parcel does not fit in the Parcel Motel locker, we’ll notify you and make alternative arrangements.


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