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Parcel Motel is a safe and convenient way for your customers to receive their online orders.

About Parcel Motel

Parcel Motel is a safe and convenient way for your customers to receive their online orders. Prior to any customer obtaining a Parcel Motel ID (PMID) they must first register to use our service and provide personal information including their mobile phone number and address. The user account must be funded prior to use or have a valid credit or debit card registered to the account. When a customer registers with Parcel motel some basic checks are carried out using Experian / QAS to check address validity etc in the same way many online retailers would verify customer details. Our cross border service from Northern Ireland to Ireland is very popular with our rapidly growing number of customers.

Customers must register with Parcel Motel before using our address – registration is FREE

Our receiving centre addresses including our Antrim postcode BT36 4PE cannot be used as a receiving address until the customer has first registered with us at

For UK based retailers. Customers based in Ireland may use our UK address in Northern Ireland to receive their delivery from you. Irish customers are availing of our UK address to receive their orders for a number of possible reasons. These might include a) the range of products available in the UK is better b) the price of the item is lower than if they were buying in Ireland or having it shipped to Ireland c) the retailer offers FREE or lower cost UK shipping than if they were sending the item to Ireland.

Parcel Motel customers pay us when their parcel arrives at one of our receiving centres

Parcel Motel customers pay Parcel Motel for using the service. Parcel Motel is acting as an Agent for our customer when we take delivery of a parcel at one of the Parcel motel receiving centres in Dublin or Antrim. Parcel Motel staff will sign for parcels received from Postal or Courier companies where a signature is required on delivery.

Parcel Motel takes full responsibility

Once Parcel Motel have received or signed for the parcel we assume full responsibility for it as if our / your customer in Ireland has signed for it themselves. The commercial relationship and responsibility for safe onward transport is then between Parcel motel and our customer in Ireland. Parcel Motel accepts liability (standard is up to €100 per parcel but may be extended at additional cost by our customer) and delivers the parcel to the customers preferred Parcel Motel location in Ireland.


Customers in Ireland can avail of a range of Parcel Motel services including our recent partnership with Collect+ to return unwanted items to retailers including UK based retailers. We can partner with retailers to offer free returns to their customers. Contact us for details. Littlewoods (for example) now offer a free returns service for customers in Ireland using Parcel Motel.

Fraud deterrent measures

Parcel Motel takes very seriously the security of customer and retailers orders. We have a number of sophisticated fraud detection / deterrent measures in place. If we suspect that Parcel Motel is being used for deceptive purposes to obtain goods fraudulently we will hold the goods and ask the recipient for further verification of their identity. If we are not satisfied that the identity of the recipient is properly verified we will attempt to contact the originating retailer for further instructions. If necessary we will make arrangements to return the goods to the retailer.

If you are a retailer and you suspect fraud please do get in touch with us and we will attempt to verify the identity of the recipient and / or intercept the parcel if it has already been shipped.

Customs, police and regulatory authorities

We work in partnership with retailers and we will help in any way we can to ensure your transactions are safe and legitimate. We also work very closely with police (Garda), customs and regulatory authorities in both jurisdictions in Ireland to ensure Parcel Motel service is only being accessed as intended by legitimate and properly authorised subscribers for their online shopping requirements.


Parcel motel receiving centres are operated by Nightline Logistics Group (our parent company). The centres operate to the very highest levels of logistics security and are certified to the very stringent “A” Standard by the Transported Asset Protection Association (see Once we have taken custody of our / your customers parcel it is in the safest hands in the parcel industry in Ireland.

To ensure speedy delivery to Parcel Motel customers in Ireland

If you are sending a parcel to a customer in Ireland all you need to do is use the same delivery method as you would normally for a customer in Northern Ireland (BT postcode area). Please ensure that you include the customers PMID (eg PM12345) and their name on the address on the parcel. The PMID is how we identify the customer by matching it with the name as registered in our database. From the customers registered details with Parcel Motel we can then determine what their preference is for delivery location etc. The same applies to parcels being sent to our Dublin receiving centre in Finglas.

Additional questions?

If you have any queries, concerns or suggestions, please contact us.

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