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With a nationwide network in Ireland, we make collecting, returning and sending parcels quick, easy and convenient.

Parcel Motel Lockers – Open 24/7

Parcel Motel Lockers make collecting, returning and sending parcels quick and easy. Our lockers are located in convenient places such as petrol stations, train stations and convenience stores with 24/7 access.

No more waiting around or missed delivery notices telling you to pick up your parcel during the exact same hours that you’re at work. No more queues at the post office. When you’re ready, we’re open.

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Integrate Parcel Motel into your business

If you are interested in hosting a Parcel Motel on your premises, becoming a Parcel Motel Point agent, or want to find out how Parcel Motel can work for you, we can help you find the right Parcel Motel solution to integrate into your business.

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