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Christmas Returns Made Easy with Parcel Motel

December 21, 2015 News

Christmas Returns Made Easy with Parcel Motel

While Christmas is the time for giving and receiving, the New Year can often be a time for returning!

Whether it’s the dodgy Christmas socks you received, the book you bought for your Secret Santa (that they’ve already read) or maybe even an ill-fitting buy from an online spree in the Christmas sales – it’s almost guaranteed that at some stage you’ll have a Christmas present that just didn’t work out.

Our returns service means you can return any unwanted presents as easily as you bought them. Don’t put any of your returns on the long finger!

You can easily return the gift you may have regretted buying, (or receiving!) to over 500 retailers using Parcel Motel.

Free returns with Parcel Motel are available from some well-known online favourites such as Debenhams, Louis Copeland, Littlewoods and House of Fraser whilst we also offer reduced rates with other retailers including Next and, meaning you won’t have to waste that unwanted gift.

Orla Sheils, General Manager at Nightline, said: “There are some gifts that, for whatever the reason, are unwanted and there is nothing worse than a wasted gift. We understand the frustration with returning gifts and are constantly reviewing our service to keep up with our users’ wants and needs so we at Parcel Motel can make the process of returning unwanted gifts as painless as possible. Returning any of your unwanted gifts in the New Year is now so convenient, with almost 10,000 Parcel Motel lockers across 126 locations throughout Ireland.”

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