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Mother’s Day Flowers Deal from Mad Flowers

March 01, 2016 News

Mother’s Day Flowers Deal from Mad Flowers

What mammy doesn’t like flowers?

At Parcel Motel we love Mammies. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Mad Flowers to help you surprise your Mammy this Sunday.

Specially packaged in gift boxes designed to fit perfectly into a Parcel Motel locker, this bumper bouquet will not spill or spoil whilst waiting for your Mammy to pick them up. And what’s even better is that you can have them delivered for FREE to a Parcel Motel of your choice.

Don’t worry if your Mammy doesn’t have a PMID, all you need to do when you’re at the checkout is provide her mobile number and the location of her local Parcel Motel. Click here to give your Mammy the treat she deserves

*Final order date 5pm, Friday 4th March.

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