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Parcel Motel: The Answer to Workplace Mailroom Logjam

October 15, 2015 News

Parcel Motel: The Answer to Workplace Mailroom Logjam

The continued growth in e-commerce over the course of the last decade, in particular, is a global phenomenon.

One reason behind its popularity is undoubtedly the convenience in being able to shop wherever we like and – thanks to innovations such as Nightline’s award-winning Parcel Motel network of secure locker terminals – receive goods how and when we want.

The sheer number of orders to be fulfilled and purchases to be delivered means more work for retailers and delivery firms.

However, it’s also generating severe strain elsewhere. Media reports from Ireland and the UK suggest that a number of major employers have decided to ban staff from having goods bought online to be delivered to the workplace. They include major financial organisations based at the IFSC and some government departments.

The stories bear out the results of a survey of more than 6,000 consumers across Ireland conducted by Nightline last year. It found that 44 per cent of individuals regularly admitted having personal parcels delivered to their place of work. Furthermore, some of the companies which operate mailrooms for commercial organisations in Ireland and the UK told us that online purchases account for up to 80 per cent of all the parcels that they handle during the pre-Christmas peak season in November and December.

With large volumes of parcels, it’s no surprise why businesses are keen to clamp down on something which could affect their efficiency. Since launching Parcel Motel in July 2012, we have been contacted by a steadily increasing number of big employers in an effort to help them resolve the issue. They not only appreciate the impact which personal parcel deliveries have on the workplace but want to ensure that they manage a happy and productive office.

Having staff either taking time off to await home deliveries or standing in lengthy post office queues is arguably a waste of time and does nothing for productivity.

Being able to direct staff to a nearby Parcel Motel terminal with 80 individual secure lockers provides a convenient solution for employees and is a vital stress-reliever for managers, allowing mailroom and reception staff to devote their time to handling essential company correspondence.

If you’re experiencing the same kind of personal delivery dilemma, why not follow the lead of some of Ireland’s biggest firms and contact Parcel Motel to enquire about a preferential group scheme.

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