Returns to Topshop with Parcel Motel

Send your returns to Topshop with Parcel Motel for €5.68

Returns to Topshop with Parcel Motel

Changed your mind about an online purchase from Topshop? With Parcel Motel you can easily return unwanted parcels by dropping them off at your local Parcel Motel for €5.68 on online purchases from our retail partner ( Happy shopping!

To return a parcel to Topshop, please follow the instructions below:

Step 1


Sign in and choose ‘Topshop’

  • Sign into your Parcel Motel account and choose ‘Topshop’ as the retailer you want to return to. You will need to add a card or ensure that your account is topped up to cover the €5.68 charge.
  • Select the required locker size and confirm your parcel is less than 10 kgs.

Please remember: The largest parcel that Parcel Motel can take is 41 × 38 × 64cm.

Step 2


Print & Attach Label

  • A return label with an access barcode will be emailed to you. You will need to scan this at the Parcel Motel so you must print it out.
  • Pack up your return in its original packaging and attach the returns label to the outside of your parcel. This is very important as it is scanned by us and this is how we know to return your parcel to Topshop.

Step 3


Scan & Confirm

  • Take your parcel to your registered Parcel Motel location and tap “Return A Parcel” on the touch screen.
  • Scan the bar code on the label to open the locker. The barcode scanner on the Parcel Motel is located to the left below the touch screen and has a red flashing light.
  • Hold the Parcel Motel barcode in front of the red scanning beam until you hear a beep and the door pops open. If you have difficulty scanning the barcode, please key in the number using the on-screen keypad.
  • Place your parcel inside the open locker and ensure you close the door firmly and press ‘Confirm’ on the screen. We’ll confirm by text and email that we have received your parcel and you’ll be able to track your parcel in real time. Then we’ll do the rest!

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